Risk Management Tips to Void Scams on Black Friday

The participation of Black Friday online shopping gives you a chance to access several products at extremely high discounts. The availability of such a discounts draws many people to take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping spree. Nevertheless, such shopping extravaganza exposes you to some risks that few people are keen to notice. One of the significant risks is the identity theft risk. Online scammers are often ready and waiting to attack any unsuspecting shoppers.

Here are reliable risk management tips that you can adapt to stay safe when participating in Black Friday shopping.

Make use of anti-virus software

The majority of attacks aimed at identity theft are done in the form of malware that is sent through links or phishing emails. Often, such viruses are intended to steal your personal information to engage in certain fraud. Having an anti-virus installed on your mobile devices will help you stay safe from scams since it will be in a position to detect, as well as remove such viruses.

Keep your browser up-to-date

Make sure that you are using the recommended and updated browsers. Some of the safe browsers to use include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. These types of browsers come with high-level security to guard you against phishing, spyware, and adware attempts. However, you need to be careful when clicking on any Black Friday ads that you come across since some do not come from authentic websites.

Only click on websites that start with https://-

The letter in https://- or HTTPS stands for secure. Often, scammers will offer you extraordinarily Black Friday deals that come from unsecured sites, or even through emails and gift cards. It is advisable to examine the authenticity of the source before making any attempts to click the links provided. If the website that you come along does not show the sign for security, avoid them and move on to another.

Ensure your wireless network is secured

Online scammers have a way of hacking Wi-Fi networks to steal personal information. If you are planning to do your Black Friday shopping ensures that you have secured your wireless network or you do not do it over public networks. Often, public networks are easily hacked for identity theft.

Overly, should you suspect that you have fallen victim of identity theft, it is advisable that you act immediately. One of the first things to do is communicate with your bank, credit card Company, and police to report the case to prevent any loss of money.


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